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Get the wedding planner that helps you BREATHE... for FREE

Wedding planning can very quickly become stressful and overwhelming with the amount of things to do! This planner gives you 70+ printable pages that walk you through every step of planning a wedding. From overviews, checklists, and vendors to schedules, due dates, and more, this planner will keep you sane in wedding planning mayhem.

Are You Ready To Start Planning Your Wedding??

Planning a wedding can become really stressful really quickly with everything there is to do when it comes to planning.

- Do you know what to ask photographers when looking to book one?

- Do you know what questions to ask a venue when bookings?

- Do you have experience creating a timeline that works seamlessly for all your vendors?

- Have you experienced an entire wedding day start to finish before?

- Do you have industry insights that help you save time, money, and mitigate risk for your day of?

- Are you confident in spending up to $30,000 on your wedding day wihtout regretting a single investment?

Ever heard of the phrase:
"You Don't Know What You Don't Know?"

Most couples just jump right into planning and will "figure it out" as they go. Except we've witnessed first hand so many times couples losing their venue, having their photographer bail out last minute without a backup plan, overspend thousands on things they didn't use, got screwed over by certain vendors, and SO MUCH MORE. This industry is way more complicated than just "figuring it out" as you go. And you only have one shot to plan it right. 

What If We Told You It Doesn't Have To Be That Way?

Stress Free Planning

Imagine a stress free planning process where you have the best insight into each aspect of the wedding day, giving you the confidence to know you are making the best decisions with your finances and day of experience. This paired with our Ultimate Planner allows for a seamless planning experience.

The Best Possible Wedding Experience

Imagine the best wedding day experience of your life, and now imagine it being better than that because you know how to optimize for the things that matter most and reducing headaches for the things you don't care about, or make smarter decisions because of our insight.

Save Time and Money

Imagine saving yourself days full of researching advice online by streamlining the best advice into one single source of information and guidance. Even more, imagine saving hundreds if not thousands on your day with the best tips on where to save, cut back, or maximize your ROI 

Introducing The Ultimate Wedding Guide

The guide designed to be the copilot to planning a wedding. Here's everything we go over:

  • Vision Casting
  • Budgeting
  • Picking Your Date
  • Picking a Venue
  • Choosing Your Vendors
  • Choosing Your Guest List
  • Finding Your Dress and Suit
  • Picking Your Bridal Party
  • Planning Your Ceremony
  • Planning Your Reception
  • Building A Comprehensive and Vendor Friendly Integrative Timeline (with samples)
  • Planning Your Rehearsal
  • Final Checklists
  • Our Day Of Advice (From Professional Wedding Photographers)
  • Our Best Pro Tips
  • Ways To Save Hundreds if not Thousands $$
  • Things No One Thinks About
  • Gifts and Gift Advice
  • Our Do NOT Do List
  • First Look vs No First Look
  • Who's Paying For The Wedding?
  • Marital Advice

We have spent the last 9 years combined experiencing the full spectrum of weddings from million dollar budgets to DIY backyards and have discovered recurring issues and mistakes amongst them all. So we created a guide, with the unique perspective of a photographer and videographer, on what it takes to make a successful wedding. Why is this perspective so unique? Because no one spends more time with the couple during their wedding day than us... Our guide is made to give you the day of insight that we have collected over hundreds of weddings and thousands of hours with couples so that you can make the BEST decisions for your wedding day.

140+ Pages

Of our best industry advice and guidance in planning every aspect of the day after being involved in hundreds of weddings. This includes a step by step planning guide as well as bonus content with our best pro tips, things no one thinks about, ways to save $$, first look vs no first look, and so much more.

9+ Hours of Interactive Video

Too busy to sit down and read it all? Not a problem, we created video for every major part of the guide to make the the learning process even easier and more convenient. Listen on the way to work, doing chores, on walks, or whenever it's most convenient!

200% Money Back Guarantee.

If you don't feel like this guide saved you time, stress, headaches, money, gave you insights you wouldn't find elsewhere,or even added value to your wedding day experience, we will give you your money back AND pay you double what you paid. Yep... we value your time and if you felt it was wasted with us, we will to pay you back.

What Brides and Vendors Are Saying

This wedding guide was amazing! It’s clear that Jeremy and Alyssa have attended many weddings and put countless hours of thought into this. I appreciated all of the tips and ways to save money since weddings are so expensive these day! My favorite part were the sample timelines! As a bride who has no clue how some of this stuff is supposed to work, this provides so much clarity and peace of mind. I highly recommend this to every bride, especially one who’s planning themselves!!

Taylor H.

I’m newly engaged and completely clueless as to what makes the best day of your life function smoothly. This guide is user friendly and so well written. Jeremy and Alyssa have surely thought of everything when they made this guide! Not only has the guide been a blessing in planning my wedding but so have the Davenports. Whenever I have a question or concern they always get back to me so quickly and the info is almost always in the book! :)I am so grateful to them and their creativity!GET THIS GUIDE

Autumn L.

I am a wedding videographer myself and have always thought that there needs to be an all-in-one system to help guide people through their wedding journey. It's one of the biggest events you'll ever plan in your life and not only that, is more than likely your first time doing it, and the most money you'll spend on a single day... so, yeah that calls for some stress. What the Davenport's have put together is astronomical for the wedding space. I believe every Bride. Groom, Wedding Planner, Wedding Venue, Parent, Aunt, Uncle and family dog needs this guide. Not only will it save you time, stress and energy it will increase the overall enjoyment of the most special day of your life. Following this guide will help your photos and videos turn out better than you could of ever imagined. I highlllyyyy recommend! 10/10

Grayson J.

As someone who’s been a part of countless weddings. I’ve seen so many couples either truly enjoy their wedding day orrr get caught up in the 1,373,322 things going on and miss being present in the moment with the one they love. The guide that the Davenport’s put together really help you as you navigate all the details of the wedding day. I’d say if you’re going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on your wedding do yourself a favor and pick up this ultimate guide to give you some clarity and easy your mind so you can have the wedding experience of your dreams :)

Eric B.

I received the bundle and each guide has amazing information, tips, and tricks. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and many things can be missed- these guides gave me so many ideas and things to remember! Both Alyssa and Jeremy do amazing work (photographs and videos), and these guides did not miss the mark! Would definitely recommend these guides if you are planning a wedding or helping plan a wedding. They have tips and real-life examples in the guides, which are extremely helpful to have!

Kylie M.

We Didn't Stop There....

More than just planning your wedding, we want you to experience it to the max. So we created both a vows and speeches guide. Why? Because not everyone is born with the natural ability to speak like Tony Robbins or Barack Obama. We need to prep, and prepping can be hard without direction. These words that are spoken on your wedding day live on with you forever, especially if you have a wedding video. We just want to make sure that we cover every area of your wedding day that has the longest lasting impact on your relationship.





We truly want to see your wedding day become everything you hope and dream of it. So we wanted to extend the hand and offer you 50% off our entire bundle right now! This offer will expire in the next few hours for you, and once it's gone, the price for our entire bundle goes back up to normal pricing. Remember, we guarantee 200% money back. Yep... you read that right. Not only will we give you your money back, but we will pay you double what you paid. We know your time is valuable, and if you believe our guide is a waste of time, then we want to pay for your time. We truly believe this guide will be the game changer you didn't know you needed for planning a wedding. Click the link now to save before the deal expires!