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The Ultimate Speeches Guide


Introducing the guide you never thought you needed. Well... Not you.

Speeches at weddings can be a hit or miss. We've heard some of the best speeches ever (ones we remember to this day), and we've heard speeches that you can't un-hear. Most of us aren't born public speakers, and the thought of planning a speech and then giving it in front of hundreds of people can be terrifying. 


Here's what we've seen over the years:

  • The Best Man roasting the groom the entire time and not saying anything nice
  • The Maid of Honor telling a 10 minute story that loses everyone
  • The Dad who gives a 35 minute speech (yeah you read that right)
  • The Mom who cant stop crying and can never get a word out.
  • The Dad who bails last second because he's so nervous and unprepared he can't do it.
  • The Best Man who talks about the grooms past relationships and exes. 
  • All of them failing to prepare, try to wing it, and leave everyone lost and/or bored.

The list goes on... Point is, we don't think you want that at your wedding. And it's hard to help them in the process. So we created the perfect guide to help them out. 

This guide includes:

  • Pro Tips On Communicating
  • Do's and Do NOT's List
  • How To Guide Your Thoughts 
  • How To Tell A Great Story
  • How To Prepare a Speech For A Son/Daughter
  • How To Prepare a Speech For A Friend/Sibling
  • How To Get Rid Of Fear
  • And So Much More!

🎥 For Anyone Having a Videographer On Their Day, This Guide is a MUST 🚨

Imagine getting your wedding video back... and hating it... Your video is the only one you get, forever. The best videos are curated by the way your loved ones and you two tell your story. We have had way too many horrible speeches that make creating a beautiful wedding video impossible. There's a reason the best movies in the world come from the best writers. Audio matters. Don't risk wasting thousands on a wedding video you won't love without helping your friends and family prepare their speech for the day. This might be one of your favorite investments. 

100% GUARANTEE OR MONEY BACK (must be submitted within 30 days of purchase, see refund policy for more info)