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The Ultimate Vows Guide


Imagine hiding your vows from ever resurfacing because you are embarrassed with what you wrote. Or standing at the altar, listening to their vows, and wondering if you have a second to redo yours... We've seen countless times a bride give a full page of vows, and the groom give a couple sentences, and vice versa. We've heard some incredible and powerful vows, and we've heard some that sound more like a shoutout 😵‍💫. We even heard one vow to always give foot rubs after a long day of work. Wonder how that ones still doing...

Jokes aside, your vows aren't just your current feelings toward your partner, they are your lifelong commitments to them. They matter. More than we realize. And most of us truly know that. The problem we face is figuring out how to write them. If we aren't naturally gifted at writing and speaking, we are kinda SOL. 

Fortunately, we've got some experience with it, and are proud of the vows we shared with each other and the advice we give. We streamline the vows writing process and give you the right prompts to guide your thoughts and tips to write them well. 

This guide includes:

  • The Importance of Vows
  • A Do and Do NOT Do List
  • How To Prepare Your Vows
  • Pro Tips On Communicating
  • How To Avoid Monotone Voice
  • Our Vows

Now imagine being proud of your vows, and framing them in your house to forever look back on. That's the destination we help you get to.

🎥 For Anyone Having a Videographer On Their Day, This Guide is a MUST 🚨

Imagine getting your wedding video back... and hating it... Your video is the only one you get, forever. The best videos are curated by the way your loved ones and you two tell your story. We have heard way too many vows that make creating a beautiful wedding video near impossible. We one time watched a groom "wing it" in front of everybody, and stuttered more times than Porky Pig. Don't ask us how that video turned out... There's a reason the best movies in the world come from the best writers. Audio matters. Don't risk wasting thousands on a wedding video you won't love without taking the time to truly prepare your vows. 

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