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The Ultimate Wedding Guide Bundle


Save BIG by bundling all three of our killer guides into a single purchase. Take advantage of the thousands of hours we've spent in the industry in a matter of hours.

Wedding planning can be intimidating, especially with how much there seems to be with it. It doesn't need to be. Our bundle covers every aspect of the wedding planning process and experience in simple and short format that doesn't come with the anxiety of information overload that you'll find on every planning site. And wedding planners are great, but they don't spend the day with the couple like we do, and they don't have the kind of insight we do.


If you value your time, this guide is your answer. Don't waste countless hours researching a million opinions and feeling like you have to do more than you want. Most websites give way too much advice about traditional wedding planning when to be honest, we don't really see anymore. Every wedding we have shot has been unique and unconventional, and it's beautiful. If you follow along with our videos for each section, you can learn everything you need to know in a day or two. You can listen at home, while you're cooking or cleaning, working out, taking a walk, making a work commute, or anywhere and anytime you feel like it. We've streamlined the learning experience to planning a wedding so that you can make the best decisions possible for the day. 

With over 240 pages of content and 12+ hours of interactive video content, this ultimate bundle (Planning, Vows, and Speeches) gives you the secrets no one tells you, perspectives you won't find on planner's sites, and everything you need to know to plan your wedding stress free, and fast.

Our Bundle Includes:

Ultimate Wedding Guide

Step by Step process of how to plan a wedding from scratch

- Vision Casting

- Budgeting

- Picking a Date

- Picking a Venue

- Choosing Your Vendors

- Your Guest List

- Finding Your Dress and Suit

- Bridal Party

- Planning Your Ceremony

- Planning Your Reception

- Building a Timeline

- Planning Your Rehearsal

- Final Checklist

- Day Of Advice

Bonus Content

- Our Best Tips to Save Hundreds if not Thousands!

- Our Do's and Do NOT's List (Red Flags)

- Our Best Tips and Practices

- Things No One Thinks About

- First Look vs No First Look

- Some fun marriage advice

- And so much more!

Ultimate Vows Guide

Complete Vows guide to crushing your vows and bonus content on how to be a better communicator

- The Importance of Vows

- How To Prepare Your Vows

- Do Not Do's (Red Flags)

- Pro Tips on Communicating

- Getting Rid of Monotone Voice

- My Vows

Ultimate Speeches Guide

Complete Speeches guide for your best friends and family to make the day unforgettable, with additional bonus content on how to be a better story teller.

- The Importance of Speeches

- Do Not Do's (Red Flags)

- How To Prep as a Parent

- How To Prep as a Friend/Sibling

- Pro Tips On Communicating

- How To Get Rid of Monotone Voice

- How To Tell a Great Story

- Bringing It All Together

- Overcoming Fears of Public Speaking

The best decisions we make are our most educated decisions. Most couples spend about $30,000 on their wedding day. We want to make sure that every penny you spend is on decisions you feel confident in. 

Don't get duped by the industry. Don't regret the vendors you choose. Don't end up wasting thousands on things everyone ends up forgetting. Don't get ripped off by things they tell you you "need." Don't let anxiety take over your life for the next year. Be in control of your day and make decisions that you love forever.

Best part is, we offer 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you don't believe this guide saved you hundreds if not thousands, gave you insight you wouldn't find elsewhere this fast, saved you time and stress, or gave you tips that made your wedding day even better, then we will give you your money back. You seriously have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kylee Fawcett
HUGE help & so informative

These guides are the BEST!!!! I don’t know of any guides out there that offer such valuable information when it comes to all things wedding. The Davenport’s have first-hand experience working for tons of couples and know just what it takes for a seamless and joyful wedding day. My husband and I would like to give a special shout out to the vow guide as we both read this one front to back on our own time a few weeks before the wedding. The vow guide gave us insight in how to write intentional, meaningful vows. The advice provided in the guides is so personal and applicable. I’m so thankful we had them!!!

Taylor Haagsma
HUGE help!!

This wedding guide was amazing! It’s clear that Jeremy and Alyssa have attended many weddings and put countless hours of thought into this. I appreciated all of the tips and ways to save money since weddings are so expensive these day! My favorite part were the sample timelines! As a bride who has no clue how some of this stuff is supposed to work, this provides so much clarity and peace of mind. I highly recommend this to every bride, especially one who’s planning themselves!!

Absolutley amazing

I’m newly engaged and completely clueless as to what makes the best day of your life function smoothly. This guide is user friendly and so well written. Jeremy and Alyssa have surely thought of everything when they made this guide! Not only has the guide been a blessing in planning my wedding but so have the Davenports. Whenever I have a question or concern they always get back to me so quickly and the info is almost always in the book! :)
I am so grateful to them and their creativity!

Such a massive help!

I am a wedding videographer myself and have always thought that there needs to be an all-in-one system to help guide people through their wedding journey. It's one of the biggest events you'll ever plan in your life and not only that, is more than likely your first time doing it, and the most money you'll spend on a single day... so, yeah that calls for some stress. What the Davenport's have put together is astronomical for the wedding space. I believe every Bride. Groom, Wedding Planner, Wedding Venue, Parent, Aunt, Uncle and family dog needs this guide. Not only will it save you time, stress and energy it will increase the overall enjoyment of the most special day of your life. Following this guide will help your photos and videos turn out better than you could of ever imagined. I highlllyyyy recommend! 10/10

Eric Brooks
A must read before your wedding day

As someone who’s been a part of countless weddings. I’ve seen so many couples either truly enjoy their wedding day orrr get caught up in the 1,373,322 things going on and miss being present in the moment with the one they love. The guide that the Davenport’s put together really help you as you navigate all the details of the wedding day. I’d say if you’re going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on your wedding do yourself a favor and pick up this ultimate guide to give you some clarity and easy your mind so you can have the wedding experience of your dreams :)