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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

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The all-in-one wedding planning guide designed to make the planning process EASY, fun, and interactive while teaching you to make educated and smart investments into your wedding day.

Imagine your wedding planning process as a breeze. With insights into the industry no first time couple could possibly have, we give you the tools and insight to plan your wedding confidently. This is one of the most expensive days in the average person's life, yet brides waste thousands all the time with simple mistakes and lack of experience.

You only have one day to do it right, and if things go wrong, it's already too late. Save yourself the headaches and stress that come with trying to plan a wedding on your own and the risks that it poses. We've seen too many weddings with unnecessary complications, horrible planning, bad vendors, cringey vows, inappropriate speeches, and things go wrong. It forced us to make this guide... so you don't have to experience what we've seen.

With over 140 pages and 9+ hours of video content, this guide has everything you need to make your wedding experience more than stress free and fun for you and your lover!

Our Bundle Includes:

Ultimate Wedding Guide

- Step by Step process of how to plan a wedding from scratch

Step by Step process of how to plan a wedding from scratch

- Vision Casting

- Budgeting

- Picking a Date

- Picking a Venue

- Choosing Your Vendors

- Your Guest List

- Finding Your Dress and Suit

- Bridal Party

- Planning Your Ceremony

- Planning Your Reception

- Building a Timeline

- Planning Your Rehearsal

- Final Checklist

- Day Of Advice

Bonus Content

- Our Best Tips to Save Hundreds if not Thousands!

- Our Do's and Do NOT's List (Red Flags)

- Our Best Tips and Practices

- Things No One Thinks About

- First Look vs No First Look

- Some fun marriage advice

- And so much more!

The best decisions we make are our most educated decisions. Get educated on the day you spend THOUSANDS of dollars on. Take control of your wedding day by becoming an expert.

Don't get duped by vendors. Don't unknowingly fall for traps. Don't end up wasting thousands on things everyone ends up forgetting. Don't get ripped off. Make your day the way you dream of it, but with a foundation that guarantees success. 

200% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Yep... you read that right. We value your time, and if you believe that after using this guide, it was a complete waste of your time, then not only will we give you a free refund, but we will pay you DOUBLE back to compensate for your time. We truly believe this guide will be your best friend and copilot to planning the wedding of your dreams and if you disagree, we will make it right.