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Planning Forever Wedding Planner


Plan your wedding, share your love story, and capture your memories forever.

Most physical wedding planners are outdated with old traditions and insights from decades ago. Even more than that, they don't tell you how to ACTUALLY plan, they just give you a template to fill out your planning. And they definitely don't serve to be a memory book either... Planning a wedding is a LOT. It can be stressful, time consuming, expensive, confusing, exciting, and everything in between. The Davenports have done it themselves and have been in the industry for the last 9+ years combined, they know how it feels. That's why they created the Planning Forever Planner. A high quality spiral bound modern and aesthetic planner designed to make your planning process a breeze. Even more than a planner, it comes with sections made to capture your love story before and after the wedding day. You aren't just planning one day, you are planning forever together. 

Here's a breakdown of everything that it comes with:

- Our Love Story: capture your love from the very beginning with sections to tell your story of how you met, when you started dating, the proposal story, a "for him" and "for her" section where you can write down all the reasons why you love each other, as well as pages for pictures to share along the journey.

- Wedding Overview: Get all of your important information for the biggest elements organized into one place with a full overview page, ceremony, reception, and rehearsal page.

- Vision Casting: Create your vision TOGETHER for your day and dream up however unconventional or traditional you want it to be!

- Budgeting: Meticulously but seamlessly organize your finances for the day, keep track of deposits, expenses, and final payments with due dates.

- Vendors: Lock in your vendors as well as create vision for how you desire each one to perform on your day (especially your photography and videography

- Guest Lists: Organize and plan out your entire guest list, wedding favors, track rsvps, create seating charts, and reception table layout.

- Attire: determine your attire for the day, figure out hair and make up, and plan traditional elements

- Wedding Party: figure out your bridal party, flower girls, ring bears, ushers, ceremony positioning, task delegation, and gifts

- Timelines: Stay on track with our monthly to-do lists, appointments, and day of timelines for both the guys and the gals, your full timeline for the day, and a 12 month calendar you can use for scheduling. 

- Checklists: don't miss a thing for your day with our in-depth checklists at 8-12 months out, 5-6 months out, 3-4 months out, 2 months out, 1 month out, 1 week out, and the day before. Bonus checklists include emergency kit and name changing checklist.

- Misc.: extra sections include a rent/borrow track sheet, DIY craft planner, ring planning, honeymoon planning, and extra notes pages for all your extra thoughts.

- Happily Ever After: a section to capture your wedding day after it happens with photos from the day, your favorite moments from the wedding, pictures from your honeymoon, and his vows and her vows to copy down the vows from the wedding day.

It includes key elements for every stage of the planning experience to make your planning experience easy, organized, and stress free.


Not only will this help you organize and plan your wedding day like a pro, but this guide comes with our ULTIMATE WEDDING GUIDE for FREE. Our Ultimate Wedding Guide is an in depth and fun guide designed to work cohesively with the planner to give you expert insight into the wedding industry and planning process to make it even easier, save you money, time, energy, and give you confidence while making big expensive decisions for your day. It comes with over 140+ pages of wedding planning insight and 9+ hours of video content to make it even easier for you to follow. Click the link below to learn more about it!

Our Ultimate Wedding Guide

The Davenports have spent YEARS experiencing the wedding day to give you all the insight you could ever need to save you stress, give you confidence, save you money, and capture your love story, all into a planner and guide. 

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you aren't satisfied by the value this planner and guide brings, we will give you your money back, no questions asked. We strive to make our products to be of the highest value and quality to you, and if we haven't hit that mark to you, we don't deserve your money.

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