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Weddings Are Expensive

The average wedding today can cost around $30,000 (The Knot, 2022). Of course, not every couple spends this much, but we have yet to hear from a couple that their wedding was anywhere near "cheap."

Would you buy a brand new car if you knew little about it?

Would you buy a brand new car for $30,000 based off of hunches and a couple of friends who have driven it once before?

So Why do we do this with weddings?

If we are making such a big deal about a single day, why don't we truly care enough to understand what we are getting into?

We did the heavy lifting for you

Over the last 9 years combined, we have been to and shot well over a hundred weddings and have spent thousands of hours experiencing every type of wedding you can have. From no budget to DIY, we've collected all of our experiences and put them into a single guide to save you TIME and MONEY and ensure that your investment for the day is beyond worth it.

What's All Included In The Bundle Guide?

Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

Vision Casting


Picking a Date

Picking a Venue

Choosing Your Vendors

Your Guest List

Finding Your Dress and Suit

Bridal Party

Planning Your Ceremony

Planning Your Reception

Building a Timeline

Planning Your Rehearsal

Final Checklist

Day of Advice

Our Best Pro Tips/Ideas/Hacks

Ways To Save $$

Things No One Thinks About

Our Red Flags/Do Not Do's

Gift Ideas

Who's Paying For The Wedding?

Some Marital Advice

Ultimate Vows Guide

Why Vows Are So Important

How To Prep Your Vows

Our Do Not Do's

Pro Tips For Communication

How To Get Rid of Monotone Voice

Our Vows

Ultimate Speeches Guide

Rundown of Wedding Speeches

How To Prep As A Parent

How To Prep As A Friend/Sibling

Our Do Not Do's (Red Flags)

Pro Tips on Communication

How To Get Rid Of Monotone Voice

How To Tell A Great Story

Bringing It All Together

Overcoming Fears of Public Speaking


9 Years of combined experience

Including planning our own wedding, we have thousands of hours of wedding experience and industry insight.

over 140+ pages

With over 200 pages of in-depth information, we left no room for what to expect by giving you everything.

9+ Hours of Interactive Video

With over 12 hours of video content, we make the planning experience even easier to consume and learn



I’m newly engaged and completely clueless as to what makes the best day of your life function smoothly. This guide is user friendly and so well written. Jeremy and Alyssa have surely thought of everything when they made this guide! Not only has the guide been a blessing in planning my wedding but so have the Davenports. Whenever I have a question or concern they always get back to me so quickly and the info is almost always in the book! :)
I am so grateful to them and their creativity!

Autumn L.

Such a Massive Help!

I am a wedding videographer myself and have always thought that there needs to be an all-in-one system to help guide people through their wedding journey. It's one of the biggest events you'll ever plan in your life and not only that, is more than likely your first time doing it, and the most money you'll spend on a single day... so, yeah that calls for some stress. What the Davenport's have put together is astronomical for the wedding space. I believe every Bride. Groom, Wedding Planner, Wedding Venue, Parent, Aunt, Uncle and family dog needs this guide. Not only will it save you time, stress and energy it will increase the overall enjoyment of the most special day of your life. Following this guide will help your photos and videos turn out better than you could of ever imagined. I highlllyyyy recommend! 10/10

Grayson J.

A Must Read Before Your Wedding Day

As someone who’s been a part of countless weddings. I’ve seen so many couples either truly enjoy their wedding day orrr get caught up in the 1,373,322 things going on and miss being present in the moment with the one they love. The guide that the Davenport’s put together really help you as you navigate all the details of the wedding day. I’d say if you’re going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on your wedding do yourself a favor and pick up this ultimate guide to give you some clarity and easy your mind so you can have the wedding experience of your dreams :)

Eric B.

Helpful and Insightful Guide!

I received the bundle and each guide has amazing information, tips, and tricks. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and many things can be missed- these guides gave me so many ideas and things to remember! Both Alyssa and Jeremy do amazing work (photographs and videos), and these guides did not miss the mark! Would definitely recommend these guides if you are planning a wedding or helping plan a wedding. They have tips and real-life examples in the guides, which are extremely helpful to have!

Kylie M.

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We Can't Stress Your Stress Enough

We Can't Stress Your Stress Enough

When you have little idea what you are doing, doing that thing sucks. That's why we are here to help.

Who's We?

We are the Davenport Duo. A husband and wife wedding photo + video dream team. Over the past 6 years of experience, 3 years shooting together, and planning our own wedding, we've come to love couples more than weddings. Why? Because people are awesome. And weddings are only cool because people are awesome. But we have seen over the years countless issues, mistakes, accidents, and so much more on wedding days that we realized: "Maybe no one is telling them how to do this?" So together, we've decided to put our brains to work and create the ultimate guide to help couples not only thrive in the wedding planning process or wedding day, but even more in their marriage.


Who is this wedding guide for?

This guide is PERFECT for anyone who is currently engaged and getting ready for their wedding. Age has no boundary here. You can be 19 or 39. We believe the value in this guide is applicable to all couples getting married and can set them up for success in their wedding process.

When's The Best Time To Buy The Guide?

The best time to buy this guide is right at the beginning of engagement. If you know you are going to get married and have a shorter window of engagement, consider buying the guide early to get ahead on the information and make better decisions faster. Of course, this guide can be useful to couples at ANY point in the engagement process. Even 2 weeks before! There are countless pieces of value in this guide that can be absorbed and used up to the day of the wedding. You may not get 100% of the value as an early buyer, but we can guarantee its worth the investment.

How Do I Receive the Guide?

Our guides are delivered digitally as a PDF. Once purchased, we send a confirmation email with a link that gives you access to the document, and then to download it.

What If The Guide Doesn't Answer My Question?

Every wedding is unique in its own way. We try to structure our guide with information that is applicable to the majority of couples and their day. If the information isn't available in the guide, we encourage you to reach out to us! We can't promise we have the right answer to everything, but we will try our best to help you! Included in your confirmation email for the guide will be a dedicated phone number that you can reach out to!

What If I'm Not Happy With The Purchase?

If you aren't happy with the guide, reach out to us and we will give you a full refund for it! Refunds are only given within the first 30 days of the purchase.


We value your time, and if you don't believe this guide added value to your wedding planning experience, saved you time, saved you money or gave you insight you wouldn't find as fast and conveniently, then we not only will give you a full refund, but we will pay DOUBLE to compensate for your waste of time. We truly believe this guide will be the best copilot to your wedding planning process and day of experience and want to back that with our guarantee that we aren't in it for the money, we are in it to serve you. And if this guide didn't serve you, we don't deserve your money.